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Found an opening that piqued your interest? Send us your CV and cover letter (with a link to your porfolio / github) by email at [email protected] and we will get in touch.

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What will be the next steps?

We generally go through the following steps during recruitment:

  • A quick email exchange to establish contact.
  • An interview using video conference to learn more about your experience, drive, personality and communication skills.
  • A a more in-depth skill review interview, to check your knowledge and problem solving skills.
  • A small offline assignment. We are not fans of whiteboard interviews, but we still want to see if you can apply your skills to a real-world scenario happening at passbolt. You will have time to work on two or three challenges in a calm environment at your own pace.
  • If it is a fit, we will communicate an offer and if you are up for it, we will meet in person to finalize an employment contract, and define together your objectives for the first few months.